Sunday, February 1, 2015

Immersed in serenity.

So I decided to go for a swim tonight. It was spontaneous. It had to. You know how much problem I have when it comes to going out from the house. I went out quickly to avoid questions coming from my parents. They somehow don't allow me go to the swimming pool by my own or even take a swim. She's worried about the lung disease which can caused from swimming at night. She's right. As the matter of fact, I've taken showers at night too often, almost everyday. It could be dangerous. But tonight I had to go. I can see it was filled with many people. Well usually it's not many as that. I'm guessing around 10 to 12 people in a pool ? I was looking for a spot where I can be alone, lying on water (yes I can lie on water, I'm Jesus) and let go of my dreadful thoughts swim away. I was unlucky because the stars weren't there. But the moon probably was intending "I will make it up to you" the glow was not a disappointment, thank God. I love the moon too. It's just I craved for the stars more because I haven't seen them in a quiet long time. As I fold my red towel to hide my phone, I jumped in. I hesitated at the beginning though about swimming and hovered between just sitting at side of the pool or just go for it as I was already in a swimming outfit. I was thinking I just want to be in the shortest level. I was drained to float constantly. It takes so much energy to do that. But diving is a must. Being in a swimming pool is the best feeling ever. God knows how much I love underwater. The sound of water burbling when I sink myself in. I had to take my glasses into the pool too because I literally can't see. Being short-sighted might be the most bummer thing in the world. You just can't see things. Plus my sight is getting weaker and weaker. Strange that I still give fucks. No. I'm fond of looking at windows of peoples' home from the swimming pool. Nice nice interiors. Nice lighting. And nice life. I also got paranoid when a maid, probably, wiping windows seriously hard and she looked like she almost slip from the windows. Everytime she pushed out her body out of the window, I would be "Don't do that, don't do that". Been watching at her for a while. Creepy huh. I know. The azan was heard. From that I know it was almost 9 o'clock. The kids were still wrestling underwater. I'd be lying if I say it didn't reminds me of my childhood. It was where everything happened. In the pool. I really wish I could watch everything again. Sweet sweet memories. Back when swimming pool is a must place to be and be all hyped. I need to go home. The kids were going back home one by one, maybe gone asking permission from their parents to have a sleepover. I heard their conversation. I forgot to shower and straight away gone home. I was suppose to complete a mission actually but oh well. I should do this more often.