Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How my naps always went

10 Feb. 2015

It was like any other afternoon, I was taking a wonderful siesta. Not intentionally though. I guess I was way frazzled. I fell asleep on Lin's bed (my rommate) and drowned into a sleep paralysis. It was unusually cold. Well, the room has been chilly all the time but at that moment, it was colder. I wrapped myself in a blanket in the middle of afternoon. It was around 1PM

My pitiful soul left my body and teleported me to a decent shower room. The image displayed from my dream cloud was rather faintly, I can only thought it was a memory of the time when I visited UiTM Tapah. So, I assumed it is from there. Never ask why, my soul was just casually traveling.  I was taking a shower and thought it was real. 

The second place took in my hostel room. Back to the place where I basically catnapping like a mew mew. Surmising my poor pale soul returned to this sick body and start dreading to the core. A bothersome gesture happened to crawl on my skin. I felt a kid was beside me, laying down. Feels so creepy but to be positive, it could be a memory from home. The times where Ari always who was the one who wants to sleep bilik Kakak. 

In a few seconds, my alarm I set for Time Based lesson, throbbed my eardrum and I knew I will be late if I don't get up immediately at that moment. I still can't move. That's the worst part when SP decided to attack you. 

Another indecisive action of mine, I tried unplugging the charger from my cellphone. It's so strange of why I did that because I didn't even charge my phone at the first place. My hands reflex a sense, apparently my phone was boiling hot, like a kettle. 

That's when my last phase was ending. I was quite aware I was awake, only I was incapable of moving my organs. My view stuck, pausing at an image of my room door. It lasted only for awhile until Lin returned. SNAP ! I suddenly can move freely just in a sec. 

Then I realized how pathetic I sound in this story. The end.