Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My dream story (1)

This happened when I was in my hostel in Perak. Basically I'm just telling what I dreamed :) 

I dreamed of home too much lately. But I'm not sure whether I'm chronically homesick or just dreaming because my meaning of homesick would bring tears. I still remember as a kid. Even if I was with my family at the moment, sleeping at my aunt's house in Bangi, I couldnt take the emotions I called my dad. So last night, I was dreaming but I can considered it as nightmare because the Plusliner bus that's taking me home jalan dulu. I was crying and don't know what to do since thats the only chance I will ever get home thinking that how much money I have wasted because this would be the second time Im missing the bus. However I still manage to get home. I dont know why. The first place taken was from my futsal cage which is now turned into outdoor gym. And I saw something familiar. That was my childhood place where I was playing and grew up. I used to run around the futsal cage because the fake grass is kind of cute and comfy despite the little rubber spreaded all over. I was with my cousin. We were wearing white as if we've gone through that situation. I saw someone. Was wearing white too, standing out the futsal. I know thats him. What is he doing there. How did he know I am here. And then I remember it the scene was taken from the past. The way his outfit shows can be predict 90s kid cloth. Idk. Haha.