Monday, February 7, 2011

I and my family are going to send my brother to his new school at MRSM Muar so I guess I'm still in the holidays ;p We had to stay in my aunt's house. Its been ages I didn't come to her house :') Where all my childhood memories was most came from there. I saw my picture when I was two. Can I turn back time, please? :'( My mum was hot xD She dressed like vintage styles but now her style are like vontoge -_-" All the stuffs here are all outdated. Like really. She's using Windows XP and the very old internet explorer :O I CAN'T EVEN WATCH YOUTUBE! Hahaha anywaysss I HAVE TO GIOVDTVHCYDTHVYBJ

40 minutes later....

I just can't stand my poop. Back to the stories. I can't play Tumblr,, and yada yada yada. I tried to install Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 but failed except Firefox. Thank God. Unfortunately it was done like yesterday at 9. The Astro, goshhh it the blue astro! You know what I mean? It ain't b-yond. I feel like I'm living back in '04 which I reaaaaally miss it. I'm preparing to go home now. Tmrw schl, so ttfn