Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This was me on the way to Melaka two days ago. I DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO IT, THIS IS ORIGINAL. See those eyes? Yes, it's the first time I used eyeliner going out. I got sweat and the colours are going down, like that. Muar is waaaay to hot. Ever wonder why I'm smiling like that? Haha it's because I look good in that way which is very sarcastic. My hair is getting longer. Come on come on hair grow longer faster then I can tie my hair to school :3

Usually when I'm travelling in long distance, I wouldn't sleep because I might feel very um like I'm possessed by satans. Hot and always mad. I will yell to everyone without minding who they are. And humid too, I hate the humidity! Worst feeling ever, urghhhhh! I will survive 5 or 6 hours even 10 hours if there's a pair of earphones in my ears. Like what they say; Music on, world off! but it's horrible 'cause in my case, my earphones broke and my mum won't buy me the new one. I could just say I'm living in a dead world. Another favorite thing I like to do when sitting in a car, there comes the sunshine! I really, really love sun. Pictures will turn the best when there's a presence of it. Definitely your memory card occupied space way too fast (: I got lots of things I want to split it out but you know I always don't know which words or way to tell it best so I guess only these I got to tell you. Nite fellas!