Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sweetest year in school has end.

It's all ends today, just now. I thought I could taste the last very last cherish moment in school this year but no. They said today will be the last day only for all the Form 3s. Definitely it’s not fair. I should have fully attend to school last week. This is the painful truth.

I’m gonna miss my bloody-minded classmates.
I'm gonna miss all the noises and fights.
I’m gonna miss those hilarious moments where I laugh the loudest.
I’m gonna miss Andrea's madness to keep the class quite.
I’m gonna miss Pn. Lily Hii the brutal and cutest class teacher ever.
I'm gonna miss Mr. Victor as well, the kindest English teacher. He's old and lately I always saw him coughing (and I really want to cry when I see it), hope you get well soon. :(
And for Pn. Hanizah, it's scratch my heart when I saw you cry because of our awful behaviour. No matter what, I will always love you and appreciate all your efforts you've done just for us for these 3 years.
I'm gonna miss all shits that happened this year.

I know I still have next year but it will not be the same, ever.

Today was painfully sad. After listening to some good ceramah about Korban Suci and look at those pity Cocks were slaughtered I wasted my time at the foyer, looking at everything surrounded for the last time (I know I sound like I'm going to die but I'm originally overreacted). During recess, of course I was staring to death at Fakhruddin. :) For the last time, at school. Somehow it was so grievous that I missed the very last chance to sit beside him during recess. I'm genuinely afraid of taking chances. But I still believe everything happens for a reason. Even at the end, only sorrow I feel.

It was alright because I finally boosted up my effort to say I want to walk back home with him. That was the most enormous achievement I ever reached! In fact, just now was the first and the last time I'm walking home with him. I think that's enough besides he's not going anywhere, he's always here. It's just me who is very bitchy and scared that I could not meet him more often. I'm going to miss to see your pretty face, Udeen. :) I already don't have the need to stalk 5 Harmoni anymore, like I did everyday.

Naa I figure this is the strongest reason why everything will be so gloomy.

Probably next year many of my good friends will exchange school or going to boarding-school. That's normal and hurtful. Not seeing peoples who could make your day is intensely dull. Sadly, I didnt take any pictures today. There is no spirit of going to school left in my heart. I just need to be more optimist. I wish you happy holiday and all the best for SPM awesome seniors.