Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back again here

Gonna make this quickly, gonna sleep early as tomorrow is the last day of school in my Form 3 life. It's like yesterday I just entered my class at the third year. The last time I post was all about my sad life, pathetic yea. I didn't even want to write other than that because I was too heartbroken lah sgt.

So what I was gonna say? Oh yes, after reading through my older posts, I think this year is gonna be the sweetest year. Manage to be single for a year, that's such a very splendid achievement I have made. Finally, I got to change myself.

PMR is over. Every has come to the end. It is all written in Twitter. Since I found this, I might probably continue writing. If I have the will to do it.

It's 11.27PM already. Good night :)