Thursday, December 9, 2010

I cut my hair and I look like Kate. I spent most of my time today in Arcade with Kate, Travis and Rafiq. We sure exchanged lots of tokens. I won in the car race. Al Hafiz was there too, he said my hair is cute but I keep running from him because I scared he might pull off my cap. I went to toilet many times, I need mirror. I'm thinking whether this hair is okay or not. I remembered when the Chinese girl cut my hair, I'm like "Hair T_T" but I think I'm satisfied but the ppls at the saloon looked me like one kind. What? What's wrong with my hair? You cut it! -.-' I avoid from ppl from school seeing me. I know they would say its ugly but for its not and I like it. Enough abt hair. Kate phone was missing and that cause me reach home at almost 10PM. but thats okay I have spare time hanging with Travis. Travis smells good. Don't tell him. I guess after this I will be spending for hours in front of a mirror.