Monday, May 2, 2011

As days pass by, I begin to live carefully. Everyone know what's right and what's wrong but sometimes they could automatically turn into kids who don't even know what mistakes are. Once they forgot mistakes done by their past, they continue to repeat it. I used to be like that as well however compare than the old me I barely make mistakes. Especially in relationships issues. Is it only me or everybody knows we shouldn't take love too seriously in this age? I mean having girlfriend or boyfriend. I have seen a lot of couples in my 15 years existence in this world. I could say only countable couples stays together for a quite long period. The rest all just all fucked up. I admit I've been through these kind of shits. From that, I determine to control myself not to fall in the same fucking hole of my flawed past. Even though I can't help I'm falling for someone. Well fuck gravity. I sometimes even cry because of someone that's not even mine. Why I even bother talk about this ._. I guess I should chilling myself with some songs he gave me.