Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! 2011

Is because my internet is down and I can't log in my accounts for a few days, I would post this later.

Anyways, today's 1.1.11 (:

Of course I celebrate the new year, it's a must. While waiting for my cousins to come, I sleep and then they came with laughter and smiles (: Aliya invited me to join her at the Section 13 Skatepark. My mum sent there and I found out there a bunch of people skateboarding. I admit it was very boring because I got no friends there other than Aliya. So, I and my cousins decided to take a cab to go to The Curve. The best thing I like about Shah Alam is there are so many taxis (; Unfortunately, we got a free cab! No need to pay, we're so lucky but he only sent us to the nearest bus stop cause he don't go to Damansara :P We had asked more than 5 taxis and we got the cheapest price to Damansara. Arrived at our destination and 6.58pm. I met so many peoples. I met Azmer :) We ate McDonald's and there I met Amir. I met my schoolmate
too. We were walking all over the place and finally I found Madani. Went to the stage together, search for a perfect spot. It's really freakin heckin packing. I hardly breath and spaces were occupied even a tiny. I missed all the good shows :( I mean my favourite songs. I saw Colby O' Donis at backstage and quickly pull my cousin to search a good spot to stand but then only god knows how crowded it was and how hard to walk. The fireworks were really wicked awesome! and then I dance dance dance dance dance like there's no tomorrow. It's weird but fun that I met Syed in the middle of ocean people. I was like, damn! Finally, I met him! Get sprayed, get pushed, get wet, get sweat, get crazy and so crazy. I don't wanna stop. It's even better than Paramore. When I got fucking tired, I lie on the Fireman's truck. Hang with Syed, non-stop talking. We accompanied him to move his car. Haha it was fun aye. Got the hell outta there at 3am where nobody was there except homeless head. I slept in a hotel in KL with cousins. Anyways, Happy new year folks!