Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's 2:15AM and as usual I can't go to sleep because I'm lack of exercise. Well I guess my blog will accompany me. I like blogger more than Tumblr. I don't know why people think Tumblr is so cool I mean like it's fun but it's not that awesome. It's just infinity pretty pictures and reblog button and love shape button. Some more I only have few followers and I reblog ordinary pictures. Um, guess that makes me jealous of everyone who have hundred followers and the reason why I said that but whatever I don't take it seriously I'm just saying it because I'm bored, everyone has their own opinions. One thing I like this site is because I don't think many people will read this because yeah you know the existing of Tumblr. I go out with my friends often this time but I'm not really happy because I don't know, I feel nothing inside ;/ Oh well. I still open to see his page and sometimes I get jealous but hey who am I kidding? I've always been so pathetic. You know, I like no one but only him. I know this sound SO STUPID but it's just so true :( Everything I do, every night, after I get up from bed I just think of him first. It's weird really, I don't know why. I can't help myself forgetting him because I don't want...heh. Tonight I feel like I'm the happiest person on Earth, he said Goodnight to me but I don't know whether it's just a regular goodnight, I'm still happy :') Anyways, as I'm typing I didn't notice my fullstop keypad gone! I'm so gonna die! Freakin dammit, FREAKIN!!