Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I graduated from SMK USJ 8.

Oohh damn. Im graduating. Like tomorrow, just tomorrow. Less than 24 hours. I have been thinking a lot. Including tonight. Im not sure Im starting to have insomnia or its the coffee of CafĂ© Supreme effect. Oh ya, I have been sleeping for hours today even its 19 days left for SPM (fuck me).  Been slowly killing myself for hours with listening to songs at the early 2000s. Im pathetic because Im scared of the past without a reason. Maybe because how things have changed so much. You know youre suddenly reminded of how tired you were on the first day of secondary school which was in afternoon session and the next thing you know, you are going to fucking graduate. I love how the future excites me. 

Just in one night which is now (12.35AM, 20 Oct. 2013) where there's literally nothing left to do, I previewed my life for the past few years especially on secondary school moments and I wont change a thing about it. It made me for who I am today. Life have not been nice lately, but I always overcome it with some visions of the pasts. 

It was great. Im ending my school life so damn precious. 5 Fasih is the fucking shit. I even cry sometimes about it. Im gonna miss you guys. Those selfish bitches, racist bastards, MMA obsession freaks, and teachers that has been tortured by us.

 Thats it, its either Im going to sleep at 4 again or just stay up until the day :) I dont always cry, but if some tears are going to shed tomorrow.....