Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My new years even 2012 story.

I know there's no one here but I keep looking at my online users counter and it keeps showing there's always this one person visiting, haha. Whoever you are thanks for caring :p So, my 2012 has been nothing but so awesome. I can tell it was an amazing year. Also I just managed to be with one person in a year. Ill truly miss 2012, being 16 was the most unforgettable moment in my entire life.

New Year's Celebration

My new year's eve went so unbelievably sick ! I celebrated it at the usual place, The Curve with two of my lovelies but this time together with Al Hafiz, Yuszley and Arieff. I wasnt expecting he would come. Its been a while since we had a conversation over the social network. At first, our night went so terribly dull and that moment we know its time to change the location for the next New Year Celebration. I thought this could must be as bas as 2012's and planning to shift to another place, like Pavilion since our long lost friends were there. As we observed around our surrounding, there was no sign of party sprays. That time I was guessing those sellers wouldnt come here anymore as I only can seem to find borin people that night. However that was before we met the boys. I never think that dullness is due to the clock. It was actually still early. Not long after a few quarrels with the boys on the phone, yelling where we exactly are, we finally met. I hate them for one thing, they dont greet they only pretend they didnt saw us and passed by until I notice. Not to forget giving that awful-he-think-he-is-cute-but-not smile. After that, we did anything we could to kill time. All and sundry were started to grow bigger crowds. I manage to overcome my dreadful jadedness after had some long-time-no-see chat with the boys. We were arm in arm most of the time as the ocean of crowd is getting packer. It was such a drag to me to go around the building which is quite small to find out which port is the most perfect place to create some major disarray and riot. Guessss whaat, those party sprays were insanely sold by us. They did come after all. It was an eye opener to me that the night will be fucking sweet.