Thursday, October 25, 2012

It seem to be already four days we're not talking to each other. Believe it or not I did this on purpose. I'm aiming to figure his ability, to see what would he do if I'm missing. Not a single word was given to him for the few past days. So far, he only could message me through Twitter. Can you believe that ? Well maybe he did text me but only ONE time. I was hoping that maybe he could appeared in front of my school and ask me why am I doing this to him but it seems hopeless. Funny how his trust towards me burned up that quickly. The content of the messages include his assumption of me having an affair and thought of leaving him. Throughout the days, he never call me. Not even once. I'm pretty sure I've figured out his stage of caring about me. Its obviously so slim. But I couldn't say he's a jerk or heartless because when it compares with me, we're similar. However, at least I tried towering up his inbox or anything until he starts talking to me. The best part of doing this erring yet winning thing is when in his scattered mind, he thought he did something distasteful 'cause I'm suddenly muting myself from him. Out of my expectation, he ultimately admits he starts smoking again (or he didn't even stop) Of course not to me directly, it was through his tweets. It's not that I'm against smokers but that is one thing he promised to me, if he couldn't handle it then stop being so deceptive that you say you've quit. I bet he wouldn't even know I have a blog. And I'm here held my head and wailed, dazed by the intensity of the pain. I'll be here just fine, motionlessly waiting for the mornings, evenings passed slowly and for a better visibility. Not to forget, his further actions.