Thursday, August 16, 2012

Iftar with mateys.

Wow just wow. Couldnt remember the last time I posted something here was on March.

I thought yesterday was one of the best days of my life so I tend to jot it because I'm terrible at remembering things even the precious ones. Im going to say the same thing ppl have been saying - if I could just turn back time, I'd be listing the dates. So, it's the last four days till Ramadhan ends. Couldnt deny my favourite month went so fast. Miss Herni our practical teacher has always been loving us since day first aha she invited and asked us to plan to have an Iftar at anywhere before Ramadhan ends and she leaves the school :-( We decided to eat at the most common place among Subang Jaya which is Sunway Pyramid. I thought I was late when Ck called me when I even havent took my shower yet. And yes, my thoughts were right. I hate rushing it makes me so panic I couldnt dress up properly but thank God the bus understands me and arrived a little late. Took a bus at the bus stop infront of my apartment and sat beside Cikgu Herni with Ck and Amirul behind our seat. Luckily it was still early cause the traffic halted for so long. When we finally reached there, we met Gabe and Adam that has been waiting for us at the arcade. They were with Sofea, Faznina and Maisarah also. I'm not complimenting Adam but his outfit for last night was smoking. Black sneakers is totally a major turn on. I might having one next time. I wore flats for the first time and nope they're aint my thang. My day could have been better if I wear my Vans. Without any delay, we bought tickets for Step Up Revolution. Totally not my thing but I enjoy watching dances. Unfortunately I have this habit leaving my glasses at home, honestly it was blurry all time. I kinda grateful for that cause yknow I hate looking and boobs and asses they make me feel I'm in Hell -.- Thank you for Ck too cause blocking my eyes everytime those scenes appeared. All this cinema went after we had our Iftar at the foodcourt. My mateys are the best at making racism jokes and ditching ppl for fun in class but when it comes to dining table, I almost got choked with my food inside my mouth each time they started doing their job. After having a wonderful times with them, its time to say goodbye and wishing teacher Selamat Hari Raya since yesterday was the last day of school :-( It went bad on me cause I was on the phone with my little brother and suddenly teacher had left us. But oh well, if God wills we'll meet again after a week of holidays. Waited for the bus that took us forever and stopped at Taipan to have supper. Since Murni was full we headed to Mcdonalds. Until it was 12 o'clock, every parents of us started to call, leaving mother loads of misscalls. Since everyone need to go back home, I and Adam, Ck, Amirul walked back home in the dark all way to Court 7 while Ck and Amirul 6. The girls went back with Jibril and his mom. Pretty terrifying for me cause I havent been out night like last night for a year. Last night was considered as my 'freedom' I think haha. The barriers for the LRT constructions made us harder to cross the road and we had to be extra be careful. Cause before we crossed the road a black car stopped beside us and Adam thought we were finally busted cause person in the car could be a robber with dangerous weapons. I laughed so loud when it was only Daniel. Haha man that was really a joke. Adam sent me til Court 7 and I got so sleepy and drowned in my dreams.