Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tick Tock

The clock struck 2.30pm and reminded me that I should have been doing something meaningful like memorizing some Surahs as time won't halt just for us, one. I've been repeating the same Surah while I'm performing my prayers. However still, I don't receive any exclamation of doing that. I really know I must grow some in myself but the presence of the 'compose mood' barely exist in me, so it'll take only a little time for me to spend it and I assume it as a chance.

Everyone in my house are doing their personal businesses. Wait, that's just me. My brothers are entertaining each other in the small living room of mine and making massive loud noise with all the angry squeals plus annoying laughs because they enjoy bullying my little brother. While I'm individually here, inside my harmony bedroom without switching any electricity on, doing non-benefit matter. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN IT COMES TO SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. I don't know..I feel lifeless without school. None to do. Can't imagine when it comes the time I reach 18 years old. I hate growing up and I bet you all do. You know what they say growing up isn't fun as it thought it will be.

Friends? Well, I would go the duck out every single damn day to malls and rollerskating. But that happens only if I was a rich motherf--cker. I will. I will hang out with some of my schoolmates on tomorrow which is Wednesday, where most people would stomp their feet down to the mall. Everyone especially hippie youth flood and occupied all spaces inside.Grabbing half-price movie tickets like fishes swimming to eat baits. In my case, it's not confirm yet for the reason a decision I made few days ago on going to Singapore. Why did I agreed? Kinda regret because I have least of cloth to bring there. Sh-t. What a future mess I have created.

By remembering the faulty decision, my mood drifted. Ugh..