Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a memorable day

The day I felt like never been so alive. If nothing went wrong, TODAY would be a year. But who am I to change over God's arrangement? I know I have been sending crap to you several times to let you know I still miss you. You replied me at all times. Thank you for that. You are so kind, that is why I like you so much. One of the reason I am stuck into you. You never scold me. I regret for being a total jerk! If only I know this would happen, none of those words come out from my mouth. I see now you are really having good times. Tasting good life of yours. Yeap, that is what I want to see, you are smiling. Even I am not the reason anymore. It takes a long time to fade these feelings about you. I do not want to forget, I just let it fade however I do not think they had washed away. Truthfully, I did not even try because you have made the sweestest memories. You know, I had never break fast beside a person that meant the world to me. Also during raya shopping, I met you. I had never been to any guys' house at night celebrating his birthday with his families and friends or went to Paramore concert. Eversince you left me I had lost my view towards guys. Because for me, you are the most beautiful person. I did not replace you like I told you before I do not like anybody as much as I like you. Well, maybe everybody can say this is temporary once you found someone better. I could not agree more but it is hard, for me. I do not know why, I just cannot find a person that is exactly like you. All I want to say is, I will keep remembering this date and if I manage to move on then it is just a new start for me. If not, I will keep doing something to get rid of these feelings. It's like a curse, just gonna wait whose gonna break this curse!

18 August 2010 - 20 October 1010 <3