Thursday, April 14, 2011


Going to write something random. Life's getting good, recess was awesome! Without hesitation, I hopped beside Dino and Rasydan in front of the co-op. I said "Nak join bolehhhhhhh?" lol I really have no shame. We chat about some stuffs which aren't really important in our life, laughing, teasing and I just noticed I was surrounded by a group of boys. Awkward. Recess ain't last forever, once the bell rang I rushed searching my classmates. Done with school, I went back home today together with Qayyim. At last, I borrowed his skateboard! :D Thank you Qayyim, I love you dude!! Feels like I wanna borrow it until I die. Because I was too excited about that, I went upstairs only to pee and then I skate until 3 o'clock at Dino's basement. It's the only place where there's no people looking. Skating was ayyy..looks easy but it's difficult -.- Well at least I had fun. At five, as usual to the futsal cage! My brother injured so I asked Dino to take plasters as his house is the nearest, thanks dude =) Waste time hanging around until 7. That is only for today, I hope tomorrow I could go to Usj1 skate park. :3