Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a great evening. Exams are finally over, my brain is like never think of anything. I really hope I'll get good marks. Good marks equals to PlayStation2. Maaan, I've been craving for it since my old one broke. The thing is, I didn't study or make revisions how can I get fucking As like nerds do? BUT I DON'T CARE. I'm not going anywhere this evening. It's weird though because I went out everyday on exam's week but when I have that awesome thing called freedom, I'm trapping myself. That's okay because the skies are playing drums right now, trillions liquids will drop making trillions of puddles. My home is so silent, my maid is sleeping so are my little brother. Loneliness actually fits me well, I feel happy alone. I have friends that lies and fake, I've been stepped and I'm tired to think of it. I just forgive and forget. My heart is still empty but I started not to care about it since it was broken. I might not want it to be worse by thinking my past, I will just entertaining myself without anyone.

Just mark my words,
I'm fucking happy alone. Don't destroy me.