Friday, March 25, 2011

You :)

I was listening to The Only Exception, looking at your pictures. All the memories we had smack me like a baseball wood. Im swapping your pictures one by one and suddenly our picture appeared. My eyes started to form tears but I didnt let it roll. How shame it could be if my brother sees me cry. Im now only a good friend of yours. I wish I could be more than that. Very wonderful I would feel, like I used to feel when I was beside you. Haha you know, I still remember in the bookshop when I didnt notice you were beside me and when I turned you showed me a cover book of a scary beast face. Im not really sure what was that but its pretty much creep me out that moment. I could use a time machine right now. Since you left me, I never see your face AT ALL. I just wish I could meet you one fine day in sudden. i miss you (: