Saturday, March 5, 2011

I wanted to say these things to him but he wouldn't read so let's just keep this secret between you and me okay readers?

I know your final choice, you chose it from the very beginning of our ending.

Men never lose, I find that many. Especially you. I lost because I'm not strong enough. I'm very weak.

I want to forget you because I know from the start you won't be able to be mine anymore. You assume me I can't bear to face that fact actually but you know they say a smile can hide so much.

And you know what? You're still the last. I didn't replace you. I still cry about you.

I will not able to feel the same way when I meet guys. I swear to God they are just like a tree to my eyes.

Im sorry I hurt your feelings.
Im sorry for repeating my mistakes.
Im sorry I couldn't try the best.
Im sorry if I ever disgust you.
Im sorry I was rude when you told me not to.
Im sorry I annoy you for all this time.
Im sorry I couldn't stop missing you.
Im sorry for being pathetic.
Im sorry for keeping your pictures until now.
Im sorry I changed.
Im sorry I love you.