Friday, January 21, 2011

Every thing is beautiful now. I'm not saying I get back my old best friend but I'm just happy that my one and only friend who understands my character, came back to fill my empty-heart. Enough for that. Today was quite fun. Asyraf came back hereeee but he was shy? Oh well, what can I do :/ I spent my time most with Ezzy. First, on a very "cold" weather, I walk with her to Seha. I ate my lunch and my friends were all there. They couldn't stop bothering me eating since I was the most hungry lioness in the restaurant -.-' After eating, went to usual place. Me and Ezzy decided to swim at the pool, yes we got so wet today (: Before swimming, me and Ezzy have a little chat suddenly I turned right and my breath was like inhale exhale inhale exhale! because I saw Alif Haikal :3 Hahaha don't wanna bother him but Ezzy! Asdfghjkl! Done swimming, watching people play futsal as usual.

Picture above: I laughed because you know, that old skull-looking nyonya laughed like fuck.