Sunday, December 26, 2010


Just got back from i-City! This is the first time I go there and my dad doesn't know anything about it. He said he doesn't regret going there, thanks to me. I've always wanted to go there since all my friends had been there except me. They have shops named, i-Neon, i-This, i-That except iCarly. I loooooove the neons and lighting! <3 Haha Ari as usual gone wild. All of us were so tired chasing him. Bringing him is such a bad idea but without him, we feel something is missing. Anyways, I, my brothers and dad went to the Snow House! IT WAS HECKING AWESOME! I'll upload a video of me sliding the slide. Many sharp ice got inside my shoe during I kick the ice and it was freakin cold. They are many types of cool slides, I bet this Snow House beats the one in Mines Wonderland. The more I spent inside there, the cooler/sicker I got. I think we spent there almost an hour because I just can't get out of the awesomeness and freezingness. I can't feel my hands, I was like paralyzed. I had a really great time in the Snow House :) After i-City, we search for a place to eat and I found Upin&Ipin Restaurant! :D It is so Upin&Ipin-ish inside there. We ate at Ayam Penyet. Everything was weird because most of it are Indonesian's cooking but I still eat like I'm in my own house :P I was too hungry. That is how my night went!