Saturday, December 25, 2010

I can't be lazier. I'm just too heavy to get up to do stuffs for school preparation. I already know which class I'm in and this is really unexpectable and fucking wrong. Seriously it's really fucking not right! Anyways, I :-

Need to buy school books.
Need new school uniforms.
Need new stationeries.
Need to warp my textbooks.
Need to fix my broken glasses.
Need to try stay away from laptop.
Need to kill some afternoon session teachers.
Need to pretend that I'm okay and just fine in 3 Efisyen!

Trust me, I have 0% spirit of going to school. I'm critically weak.

Ilhami, Qayyim, Ameer Ashriq, Andrea will be in the same class with me again. That chills me a little :') As long I have you guys I will be okay. InsyaAllah!