Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today was great. I went to KL. This is the first time I hang out with Aliya in KL. It was really fun! I went there first with Batrisyia and her cousin, Ely. Can't get our eyes off that guy in the train huh Batrisyia? xD Arrived at Pavilion at 1.15pm. Met Aliya and then Amirul Madani called. I met him too. Haha so cute. He's not that shy, he talk quite much and some funny things. We went Sungei Wang, I bought myself a cap yay. I didn't realize it is same as Amirul Madani's but when I realized we laughed :) I asked him after I wore that cap "Comel tak?" He said "Comel, macam I." Then we both laughed like robots. Hahahahaha. I met Aiman too! He talks much! Hahahaha! Afterwards, I, Aliya, Aliya's sister and Idris went to Soundstage. It's kind of gig, well I never been to any gig before. Andddddddddddd, we lost -_- Lost in KL, how could that possibly happened? Blame Aliya's sister for following that curly guy! :P At last after miles walk we found that fucking Muzium Telekom -.- I went there just to eat cheap nuggets, hehe hungry no money. Took a cab to Pavi cause we don't wanna same thing repeat again. Met Batrisyia back and Amirul Madani as well. He was sorta different, I tell him if he was okay or not. I followed Batrisyia with his brand new boyfriend to PakCik. I and Aliya was just only testing with the DSLR. We were like never use it before, it's true actually. Snap, laugh, scream, snap, laugh, cream I mean scream. So, yada yada my dad took me den den den I wanna watch Ju On Ova 2!