Monday, November 22, 2010

An awkward outing.

KoRn woke me up when I was fucking sleepy and guess who called me? It was Mariam. She asked me out to Pyramid. My sleepiness blew away and I answered yes okay I'll be there because I'm hoping that I could watch Harry Potter although I'm not a fan but I've desire to watch it. Got myself ready and waited for the bus and I fucking miss a fucking bus so I decided to take Metro. And yes, we watched Harry Potter. Well of course I don't understand, I didn't watch the pasts. It's quite interesting, I guess I'm just gonna watch them on YouTube or whatever. After the movie, there goes the very awkward moment. It had been ages I didn't go out with her and she didn't give a fuck about inviting me. We were just silent ourself and got back home early. I don't really care cause I just wanna watch movie. Enjoyed myself in the bus watching Popeye, I got sleepy and here I am. I'm home.